Steel Structure and Buildings

Steel structures and buildings are known as steel construction structures. The structural systems of all structural systems are manufactured from steel. Since steel structures and buildings provide more durability against earthquakes and all other natural disasters according to other building systems, they have to be a priority choice for those who desire a durable and robust structure.
Manufacturing, installation, labor and time saving and low cost advantages of steel construction except durability have recently led to an increase in steel structures and buildings. In steel construction and building projects, the details that can be solved with the help of static are solved easily. Our company, following the increasing competition with the construction technology in the construction and construction sector, following the increase in the construction of steel construction structures, produces professional solutions with our sectoral experience, design, planning, application and engineering services and maintains its corporate identity as a company that produces and performs quality steel structure and building projects in accordance with different needs.

Our previously delivered projects include steel construction and buildings such as the Hilton-Avcılar 105 mt steel building, Esenler bus viaduct, Halic metro crossing bridge, Bagcilar warehouse building.
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steel structure and buildings